It was a good weekend

Well, where the hell do I start? I started off Friday being disappointed that I couldn’t eat lunch with my lady, but it was what needed to be done. So, Friday was pretty crappy until the evening came around and I got to get some things off of my chest. Thanks for listening, you don’t know what it means. But, before that I had a movie with Kathryn and Anthony and then it was off to Kathryn’s place with some of the iSchool crew for some drunkenness and well… “good times.” Needless to say, it was a good time… but that is all you will ever know.

Like every other week, after Friday ended, Saturday began.. with me taking the bus to work from Kathryn’s and being like ten minutes late to work because the Metro was behind schedule. For my whole four hour shift I felt like scrub and all I could think about was pizza, my mach 3 razor, and a hot shower. But, instead I went to Jamie�s and had cake and jell-o for my pre-dinner and then ended up staying and talking to her for over two hours. It was well worth the time though. Then, well, yeah, the night was just starting…

I finally got home some 33 hours after I left it and man, that was the best shower I ever took. I got to shave and eat a meal. Then is was off to Wendy’s party in Wallingford and wow, her place has a crazy ass view of Seattle. I’m way jealous. I went with Stephen and his friend from Junior high and we had a good time. I won’t go into details, but I ended up helping out this one drunk girl and she memorized random facts about me, among them was my number, and called me tonight and we had dinner at Shari’s after a little studying with the iSchool crew.

I was pretty amazed that she remembered my number at all. It was a good dinner, espically since she picked up the tab. Nothing else exciting to report about that. But yeah, dang, my weekend rocked. And this upcoming week, starting Wednesday, will be even better, if that’s possible. I have a post finals party to look forward to on Wednesday night, plus Jai is having a little graduation thing going on downtown on Thursday, so yeah� I have a lot to look forward to.