Whistler Spring Break

Well, I have made it back from Whistler in once piece. The trip was way fun and I had a really good time on this spring break. It was nice to not have to worry about school and studying for an entire week. It will be nice to be back in class come tomorrow, but for now bask in the greatness that was my spring break.

Day 1 – Sunday – Traveling to Whistler
This day was all about driving. We left Seattle in the morning and we arrived in Vancouver around lunchtime and we ate at this Chinese restaurant in some mall outside of the city. The food was really good and we all were in a food coma after we were done eating. However, the funniest thing had to have been when the lady who was serving us brought me, and only me, a fork to eat our meal with. Now, I was the only white dude in the entire restaurant, but I found this humorous. So, to spite her I used the chopsticks anyways.

After lunch we went and got our express passes from the sports check and then it was off to Whistler. When we arrived it was around dinner time and we checked in to our place that we would be staying for the week. We only had one place for the first night, so all eight of us crammed into this one place for the first night. It was not that bad, but I am glad that we didn’t have to do this every night. We went to Boston Pizza for dinner then we called it a night so that we could be rested for our first day on the hill.

Day 2 – Monday – Skiing Whistler Mountain
Since we were staying at Creekside, we decided that we should go and ski Whistler Mountain today. This was the nicest day for weather and it was a good day to go out on the slopes. Most of the day was spent with Matt and Roger, but after lunch it was the entire gang going up and down the slopes. This was a long day on the hill for us since we skied open to close (830-430), so needless to say we were quite tired when we got home for the evening. We pretty much ate our dinner and went to bed. This is also the night I realized that I should stop using my cellphone to make calls and to just go and get a phone card.

Day 3 – Tuesday – Skiing Whistler Mountain
Today there was rain at the base, so it was kind of a pain to be at the bottom of the hill. However, we just took the gondola up to the mid-mountain and then we cruised around above the rain. This day was a little bit colder than the previous day and there was some fog moving in throughout the day. Today was spent skiing with Roger, Matt, T.J., and Jamie. By the end of the day the fog had become very dense and the visibility was very low. On the last run down the hill we went from the peak to the base of the mountain and the visibility was so poor that we could hardly see more than 20 yards in front of us. So, it was a slow time coming off of the mountain this day. But, once we reached the bottom of the hill we ran into some bikini clad ladies that were skiing/boarding down the hill in their bikinis. So, the day ended up on a good note and the visibility was clear at the bottom and the view was much better than at the top.

Day 4 – Wednesday – Blackcomb Mountain
Overnight it had snowed a bit and seeing this made us all excited to go hit the slopes today. Overall it snowed about 6″ during the day. So, the snow was really good. Now, we may have had good snow, but it was windy as all hell. It was terrible. The wind was just slamming my face with ice/snow mix and it was hard to want to stay outside. But, one thing I did learn today is that Gore WindStopper really does work. Anyways, the snow was nice, but the wind was not. I liked Blackcomb a lot and my favorite lift had to have been the 7th Heaven lift.

On the way down the hill we thought it would be a good idea to stop by the terrain park. It is larger than the one at Whistler, so we wanted to see what it was all about. Of course, I suck and this type of stuff, I’ll leave that to my brother, but I figured that I’d try to grind this rail anyways. Boy, I paid for it. I landed my entire body on my right butt cheek and it hurt like nothing else. I swear it went numb. It hurt the entire rest of the way down and I just wanted the pain to stop. But, of course it lasted all night long and I had a hard time sleeping because of it. I guess it was worth it, right?

Day 5 – Thursday – Blackcomb Mountain
This was our last day on the slopes and it was a good day to be out. The weather was overcast since it was still snowing during the day, but the wind had died down and it made it much more enjoyable to be on the mountain. For our first run of the day me and Kony got lost in the trees on our way to the 7th Heaven lift. We were stuck in them for around 30 minutes and we were just trying our best to get out of there. It was much more difficult for him to get out since he was on a board, but we got out and found the lift to continue our day.

We ended up staying on the 7th Heaven list until around lunch time, when we then ran into the rest of our group at the top of the lift. We headed down to lunch, then it was back on the hill for our last half day of skiing. We ended the day again by going down the terrain park, this time without any incidents from myself. I have pictures of this that I will be putting up at some point, but for now you will just have to wait for them, since the pictures will do more justice than any set of words or phrases will.

That night we decided that we didn’t want to cook so we went to Dusty’s in the Creekside village. The food was ok, and the service was even worse. I had asked our waiter if it would be possible, before we even ordered, to split the checks. He thought he would be a good idea to laugh at me instead of just politely saying “No.” So, this really made me mad and when the bill came around he probably wasn’t laughing. We left him a 4% tip for a $95 dollar meal.

After this, it was time to pack and to get ready to head home. We watched some TV, looked at the pictures that I took, and just relaxed before our big travel day the next day.

Day 6 – Friday – Travel Home
Not too much exciting here except to say that it was nice to be back home.

Pictures can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rprins/sets/455374/