Cambodian New Year

Last night was the UW�s Khmer Student Association�s Cambodian New Year event that was held at the HUB. A friend of mine, David, was in the play that was apart of the celebration. He was the role of Little Eagle 2. Now, this was something different for me since, well, I am from the Midwest and the Asian percentage of our population could be counted on one of my hands. It is small, to non-existent. So, for me to go to something like this is pretty much culture shock.

The event stared out by my lady and I looking hot. Which is a must. Hah, yea. So, that�s not really that important, but we were hot. To start off the even there were some opening remarks by the president, a fellow Informatics student, Yarun. The main part of the program, at least the part that we stayed for, included dinner and a play put on by fellow UW students. Much, if not all of it, I did not understand. It was interesting to see how this culture celebrated their new year (if this was even a good representation of how they celebrate).

The play was interesting to watch. I can�t say that I understood what was going on most of the time, but sometimes you didn�t need to understand what the words were when you could just see their actions on stage. Parts of it were in Cambodian and parts were in English. I got lost when they would do parts in both b/c I would spend too much time trying to figure out what was what and then they got to the English part I would have missed it completely.

Nevertheless, it was a good night and David did a great job in his part. I swear that he wrote his own lines b/c the characters that he acted were so just like him. Maybe it was because he put a lot of his own personality into his character. It was a good night to just relax and take this new bit of culture in and to be with friends. I don�t know if I will see another Cambodian New Year again, but who knows. At least I can say I have done it once before now.