How do you handle it?

When something doesn’t go your way, or when something happens that you wish had not happened, what do you do? How do you handle it? I had something happen today and I still cannot decide if the way I acted was right or not. I did what I normally do and now I can just reflect on it.

Now, details of what happened are not the main focus of what I am about to write, nor does it really matter that you know. All you need to know is that I was slightly embarrassed at the time.

What happened after the fact is that I just basically shut down internally. I really can�t pinpoint why I do this when something like this happens. For me, everything just seems to stop and my mind just speeds up and goes to places that I�d rather keep in the back of my mind. I mean, people put stuff back there for a reason and I am no different. When I start digging back in the recesses of my mind nothing good really comes of it. But, wait; don�t I have good memories back there too? Well, yeah, I do. But, that is not the point of this and it is very rare that they get pulled out in a situation like this.

I am only spending the time to write this because I was asked if I am always like this when stuff like this happens. To be honest, yeah, I usually am. I become very introverted. I like to try to take a step back and decompress what happened and if it is even something to get all worked up over. This process can last a few seconds to hours. Today I was probably somewhere in between. But, I just sit and think and say nothing, absolutely nothing at all. I would not want to be around me when I am like this and I am surprised when people stick around when I am like that.

Overall, I just try to keep it to myself. I have done this in the past and it has worked out. I will generally share what I have a person that is around me that I trust and have confidence in. I understand that it is not good to retain all pent-up things inside and so it is nice to just vent and get it over with. The venting is not something that I am particularly fond of, but it needs to be done for me to move on.

Sitting here writing this I am no where near the state of mind that I was earlier today when I thought of writing this. I think that everything will workout better than I think it was going to earlier today. What has happened has happened and I can accept that and there are no more hard feelings. I can�t hold a grudge, warranted or not. It was accidental and nothing was meant of it. That is something that I can accept and move on from.

4 thoughts on “How do you handle it?”

  1. Yeah, stuff like that happens to me too. Take the other day that I just suddenly got pissed off at my best friends because they were being retarded. I mean, I basically yelled at them and then they said nothing to me. They seemed very shocked to see me mad, because well, I am a very nice person most of the time. I didn’t talk to them the whole night and when I drove a couple back to their houses(by this time I had cooled off) I apologized for being an ass but I don’t really regret saying the things I did. I mean, sometimes you just gotta say what you feel or else the other person(s) will never know what the hell you are thinking. It may have been that you offended them in a bad way and it isn’t acceptable but don’t hate yourself for doing it either. :D

  2. i like to take all of those feelings and compress it into a ball. then write a song about it, maybe release an album and have it go double platinum. and you feel better when u make bank.

  3. Penting up anger or frustration is definitely unhealthy for you. You get more stresssed and you no longer are yourself if you keep all your problems inside.

    Talk to someone about it. Friends, family, someone. Release it and resolve it somehow, like what you’ve done. But make sure you don’t vent your anger in such a way that it will tick off your friends. :P

    But I hope everything goes well for ya man.


  4. Ny friend Crystal is mentally ask her a question,and she’ll answer a whole new one.
    Shes slow too,as in when we went ice skating,she didnt even know how to stand up on the ice.Shes a quiter.

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