Me, Teaching?

I never thought that I would hear someone tell me that I should be a teacher. But, I had this happen to me on Friday. I was told by a fellow classmate that I would make a good teacher. I can say that this thought has crossed my mind before, but without any real deep thought about it.

Now, I guess this idea (that of me teaching) could be spawned by me always being willing to help those that need help. I really do not have a problem doing this and based on what people tell me, I guess I am halfway decent at it too. Does this mean that I would make a good teacher? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know if I would want to make teaching my profession, but it would be something that I might consider later.

I just like people to do their best and sometimes I see that there is always something small that holds them back. I guess I am just the one to make them see what the small thing is to have them unlock the rest.

Teaching, that’s interesting… Never thought of myself as a teacher