Me, Teaching?

I never thought that I would hear someone tell me that I should be a teacher. But, I had this happen to me on Friday. I was told by a fellow classmate that I would make a good teacher. I can say that this thought has crossed my mind before, but without any real deep thought about it.

Now, I guess this idea (that of me teaching) could be spawned by me always being willing to help those that need help. I really do not have a problem doing this and based on what people tell me, I guess I am halfway decent at it too. Does this mean that I would make a good teacher? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know if I would want to make teaching my profession, but it would be something that I might consider later.

I just like people to do their best and sometimes I see that there is always something small that holds them back. I guess I am just the one to make them see what the small thing is to have them unlock the rest.

Teaching, that’s interesting… Never thought of myself as a teacher

4 thoughts on “Me, Teaching?”

  1. I too have been told by many of my peers that I would make a great teacher. I have pondered the idea of being a teacher because I really do enjoy helping people understand things better. I just plain like helping other people out. OSU has a program where we can take 6 more classes(about 20 more credits) to be a substitute teacher. I haven’t thought of it too much but it would be something to consider for me.
    For you, I think you would be good at it also. I mean, you are a really nice guy when it comes to teaching people. I think you should look into this as a secondary job, but really think about it.

  2. i’ve had the same thing said to me. however, it’s probably hard for you to imagine because i’ve never had the opportunity to really teach you anything (yet ;)). but yeah. it all stems back to me tutoring my kid cousins growing up. had weekly lesson plans and everything. before they got to kindergarten had majority of them reading already. but that was ages ago, but the aunts and uncles never stop mentioning that. haha

    mine’s more i know exactly how i need things explained for things to make sense for me, and i get frustrated when i see someone explaining something to someone else poorly. which would explain why i used to help instruct kung fu classes mondays and wendesdays in high school. and even though i’m not an assistant instructor anymore, when i see someone new in my studio looking lost as hell, i end up helping them out. they’re usually reluctant to hear me ’cause well, i’m a 5’3 filipino girl of unknown rank, and most newbies that come in are big navy dudes. but after i get talking they see what i’m trying to show them and it’s funny to see their doubt transform into thankfulness for the extra explanation of things. this is good, cause i want them to understand that i’ve been there forever + 1 days and that they shouldn’t ever have to feel lost in there when there’s so many people they can just ask. i guess my thing is that i take a little bit of pride in having the ability to make things clearer for others to understand. yeah, okay. that was long. you said “teaching” and i said, “hmm. na na na”. byee :)

  3. it’s tuff, and the pay sux. i think there’s a difference between teaching and helping out. i mean it’s more than being able to help somebody. u also gotta keep em in line, gain their respect, be empathic, and prolly more stuff. i think the real way to know if u’d make a good teacher or not is if u can teach somebody who doesn’t want to learn.

  4. I like the comments your lady leaves!

    But i too think you would be an excellent teacher, because of all those reasons you mentioned, but moreso for the fact that you have unlimited patience for people, and that’s a big part of being a teacher..having patience.

    So good luck, teach!

    see you later this week.

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