Purpose of a Blog

From the time that I started posting on Xanga until my time now, my posts have changed in a few ways:

  • I no longer post about what I did for the day, everyday. I figured that you all don’t care that I woke up, then went to class, went home, and then just happened to make something cool happen so that I could blog about it. That is just not how I blog anymore. I am not even interested in what I do on a daily basis, so, I don’t figure that you all would too. If you really wanted to know what I did everyday, you could just check my calendar.
  • I post sporadically on this blog. I don’t make time for my blogging everyday, I just do it when I feel up to it.
  • I actually think about what I am posting. Before I would just type and see what came out and then I would post that. Now, I sit back and try to think about what I am writing and then move on from there.

I can’t say that I think about my blog a whole lot during the day. I don’t go throughout my day thinking about what to post on this blog. It is a part of who I am, but it is not who I am.

For me blogging is about a release. I can write about what I want to write about. If people agree or enjoy what I wrote, then that is cool. But, I usually don’t post here to please people. I post here for myself and nobody else (yes, I am that selfish at times). I think that sometimes people misuse blogs. I guess that there is the crowd out there that really cares about what someone did during their day, every damn day. I really don’t care to read a blog about what someone did everyday. Now, this would be different if this person what interesting or of some importance, but this rarely occurs.

It is tough to keep thinking of new content to post to this blog. I try to think of things that I want to write about. It could be anything from school, to something that happened during my week, or just how I feel about a certain topic. It all really ranges. All I really know is that I find this as a release to the digital world from my physical one. I don’t really know who reads this and I’m not some sort of comment craving whore, so if you read and do not post comments, that’s cool, I’m indifferent. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say back to blogs I read either. It is just the fact that it is being read that makes the difference.

But, on that topic, do I really care if this is read? Well, the short answer is no. But, really I would like to think that people read this and at least find it somewhat interesting. Now, I am not here to blow people away with my riveting life story (or lack there of). I know my life is beyond fascinating and all, but you don’t all want to hear about it. I don’t do it to get comments or “eProps.” I just do it so others and myself can enjoy it now and at a later date. It is more or less like a digital time capsule that never gets closed.

When I was entering in all of my old Xanga entries into this, I was really surprised to see how I changed over time. The content that I posted changed from a “what-I-did-everyday” to “what-I-think-about-something.” I went from being more regular and sporadic in content to less regular and more thoughtful in what I wrote. I find that the thought is valued more than the frequency. So, that is why I try to cut through the BS of everyday life and bring to this blog something that I want you all to know about me.

On this blog I’d hardly say that I am very personal or dig into very personal topics. This mostly leads back to who I am as a person, but also I think that a blog is not always the best place to spread such emotions. I will, of course, vent some anger and frustrations on here from time to time, but I mostly like to see myself write things that I think about at the moment. Hence, the name of the blog, “Thoughts of the moment.” These are my thoughts of the moment and I have no regrets on what I post. I can only hope that people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.