Some People Lack Tact

It has come to my attention this quarter that some people just lack tact in their decision making processes. Now, I am no expert in this field, but I would like to think that I have the tact of a normal person and would be able to spot out the right and wrong thing to do in a situation. However, some people lack this basic concept of human nature.

I think the thing that just makes me the most angry is the fact that people with a lack of tact always see it their way and no other way. It is like “It’s my way or the highway!” or “No, that’s not exactly how I see it and this is how we should do it instead, don’t ask just do.” Well, sorry, not if you are in a group with me. I am no group whore, or some sort of attention whore either. My ideas are not always the best, but they usually are quite refined and time was spent thinking of them in-advance of me saying anything at all. This might be hard for people without tact to understand. They just spit words like a toddler wants to hear themselves speak. However, I guess this is one of my many gifts, because I see some people are lacking this.

It is understandable that people don’t see things my way all of the time and that I don’t see things their way all of the time either, but this is what compromise is all about. I am willing to make the effort to meet anyone in the middle ground and work from there. But, some people just won’t budge at all. Then when you try to do it another way they will ride you like a tight pair of jeans all the way to the bitter end. This is why I like loose fitting jeans. They don’t ride and they are just hanging around in a non-nagging fashion. They know that they will always be there, comfortably hanging around, and I won’t leave them, but at the same time they know that they are able to offer something to me as well, that is pants to wear. Why can’t people just be satisfied in being the lose pants that aren’t riding up my ass and causing me so much trouble? Is it too much to ask to be comfortable? I’d like to think not.