Week In Review: 4/24 – 4/30

This past week has been something that I guess I’d rather not think too much about. There was more drama than I would have like to have seen, but that is all in the past now and I know what needs to be done to move forward from that.

Overall, the week was just stressful. Where the stress was worth the problems it caused, that is not really at issue anymore. There are somethings of the past week that I would like to take back, but at the same time there are somethings that I am glad that I said.

The week started out with a bang @ Angie’s 20th birthday. It was dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Seattle. As usual, when out with people I tend to act more silly than usual. It was good to be around people and good times. What I find funny is that people think it is funny when I have to pick up Jamie to kiss her. I mean, it’s what I have to do. I have a friggin foot on the girl so I need to take care of business one way or another. Yeah, that’s right. Kissing is business! But, of course before that it was time out at Gasworks with Trotter, his friend Gerritt, and Jamie. We raised hell by tossing the frisbee around and aiming it at unsuspecting individuals minding their own business. So, if you see us, be warned!

The rest of the week was basically me stressing about INFO 380 and just not being very cool at all. I was nice to vent about things to Jamie and to try to piece things together. I have come to the realization that I am WAY too hard on myself and I can’t see the positive that I have on a daily basis. To change this way of thinking is of course way harder than just saying it right here, but I am going to try. It will be better for all of those around me and for myself.

But, the weather was nice this week and I am just glad it is over. I think I am currently fighting a cold and that is not good at all. I have midterm next week that will be very challenging and I need to be all ready for that. So, until next time…

3 thoughts on “Week In Review: 4/24 – 4/30”

  1. yeah so i now have calves of steel from all the going on tip toe..
    okay not really. but a girl can dream? or just get picked up? ;)

    in typical jamie-like fashion i deleted this paragraph due to sheer “i’m so tired i’m doing that thing where i ramble in ryan’s blog comment section” …

    it was one hell of a week! but hey, there will be better/bigger things to come because of it.

    (p.s. where’s the preview button?! *panic*)

  2. Yeah, well, stuff happens. Don’t worry about all the crap other people think of you because if you do, you will be worse off and won’t act the way you would like to. Everyone has those rough weeks, and I hope you can rebound and do well on the upcoming midterm.


  3. Three cheers for RPrins!




    Rough week over, new week beginning. It’s all you can ask for dude. If you want a quick picker upper, dont get Bounty, go bowling with me and David. It’s really fun.

    Nobody should be upset when the weather is this nice, so have a good weekend, hope you can find time to relax a little, if only to watch the NBA Playoffs… hehe :D

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