Getting Burnt Out

It has come to that time when the academic year is beginning to wind down and the level of attentiveness is falling rapidly. Classes are starting to pick up the workload and time is lacking to get all of these tasks done. Now, one look at my calendar and you will see that I have free time to use for my own personal use, but I just feel really busy in general. Tomorrow is a presentation for 310 (which will rock) and a draft of our systems proposal is due in 380 (is 96 pages enough?). Also, in addition to all of that I need to start on the 340 deliverable. So much to do and little motivation to do it.

My time is disappearing and I am getting burnt out quite quickly. I need a break from school and to just relax. I can’t wait for those two weeks off in June before summer classes begin. I am less than a month from the end of the year, but it is not coming soon enough. I know that next Tuesday I will have this large sigh of relief when this is all of this stuff is due and over with. But, until then, time seems to be ticking really, really slow. I know that things will be alright, I just need to take a step back and relax, breathe, and then move forward with what I need to do.

Current Thought: Be calm. Things will be alright.
Currently Attending: INFO 340 with Prof. David Hendry