Hrm, No Class?

Well, no INFO 380 this morning. Here’s how I found out.

Me: *Waiting for either 372/68 to go to campus* Bus shows up @ 9am, like always, and I file onboard the 68 with the rest of the Nordheim folks. I am standing on the bus and I feel my left leg vibrate. I am thinking, that’s odd, no one ever calls me this early in the morning. So, I pick up the phone.
Jamie: Did you get the email?
Me: What email?
Jamie: The one about 380 being cancelled.
Me: No, why?
Jamie: It’s cancelled! Where are you?
Me: That’s cool. I’m on the bus… and the door just closed. Ok, so, great.
Jamie: Well, just come over!!
Me: Ok, I’ll be there!!

That’s how I found out about it this morning. I usually make a point to check my email in the morning since the iSchool has that as their preferred method of information dissemination. But, I have this thing for packing my bag, like a 10 year old, the night before class so that I don’t forget anything. Well, I guess by me packing my laptop I didn’t think of checking my email. Then the question gets asked, why didn’t you check it on Outlook on your PC? Um, damn good question. I don’t really know. I just didn’t? I dunno. I guess that is a lesson learned.

Not having class was a good thing because I had a feeling that the Prof was going to flip out at the poor turnout for the transformation project that he had planned. I am sure that we will hear about it on Thursday, but that’s ok. I think I can handle it. Needless to say the day has started off good so far. Now I just need to get cracking on all the work that is due in the next week.

Lesson Learned: Check email before going to class!