What do I want out of summer?

This summer I will be staying in Seattle to do one of the following:

  1. Take summer school and take it easy
  2. Pursue a recent opportunity towards an internship

I don’t really know what to do or to think about my upcoming summer. But, sadly, I need to start thinking about it now.

It was known for some time that I was going to spend the summer in Seattle and that I would take some classes, work my current job at the Micro Lab, and just relax. But, recently on one of the many iSchool list servs that I am signed up to I ran across an interesting internship for this summer. However, it is a lot of work (Lead Programmer Position). Maybe more than I am looking for. But, the experience could be something that might benefit me in my capstone next year and also to maybe get me an interview for a job after I graduate.

Now, I have had the complete fortune of already having two internships on my resume. So, I don’t need this as resume padding. I am fortunate in that respect. I am pretty proud of what is on that resume so far. So, I think I am prepared in that category, more than most. It is the thought of what if that is making me think about this.

I really wanted a summer to chill and enjoy Seattle with little responsibility and more freedom then the past academic year has lent myself. I could keep my job at the Micro Lab and take some easy 100 level VLPA credits at UW so I could graduate in the Winter as opposed to the Spring. Then I could spend some time in the sun, hang out with friends, and just RELAX.

I would then be able to spend some more time with Jamie. I could go sailing. I can just lay out in the sun. I can hang out with friends. I can enjoy the condo. I can explore Washington. The possibilities are endless. But, would the internship take this all away? Probably so. 40 hours per week is full time and that basically leaves me any time after 5pm to do what I want to do. The cost of me doing the internship is losing all of the above “fun” things. But, the benefit is that I will have a very challenging and rewarding job to look forward to every day. This leaves me in a though spot.

I hate decisions. I kind of want to pursue this job and I kind of don’t want to at the same time. I was recommended by a professor of mine (with other students as well) and I kind of feel like I should at least look into what this job is and what it is all about. I mean, it is not every day that a professor of yours thinks so highly of you to recommend you for an internship. But, taking this job is at the sacrifice of a free summer to enjoy like I said above. So, it is a tough decision to make.

I think that the course of action to take here is to move forward and take the interview and see what happens. Play it all by ear and make a decision when the time arises to do so. Sadly a cost/benefit analysis is in order. *sigh* Oh, how school ruins me. /me raises fist

Current Thought: Uh, what now?
What makes me laugh? Seeing this picture end up in Kathryn, DT, and Susan’s PowerPoint presentation today in INFO 310.