Week in Review 5/15 – 5/22

Well, what a week. It was a busy work week and there was quite a bit to do. But, at the same time there was a lot of time to just relax and enjoy the free time that I had. It’s strange how my weeks are so lopsided from the first half to the last. But, last week will be nothing compared to this upcoming week. That is O.K. though, each week has its own personality and for some reason this past week’s personality will be much nicer to me than this upcoming week’s.

After being completely lazy and not working on our 340 History Places deliverable I decided that I would go up to the lab and work on it for a few hours on Sunday to get it done. But, little did I know that I assigned the tasks wrong and also completely guessed wrong on how long it would take to get this deliverable done.

The strange thing is that I didn’t feel rushed. I had some thought that I knew that I would get it done and that by leaving it down to the last minute was not worrying me. That was really strange. Actually, that was probably the most interesting part of that night.

This week also brought the official announcement that I will be the President of IUGA for the next academic. I knew that I was but it was not ‘official’ until this meeting. I’m looking forward to it next year, but there is a lot to do in the mean time.

The first half of the week found me swamped in school work. Time was spent on revising our INFO 380 system’s proposal, attending capstone presentations, and just studying. There was time for a little surprise visit from Jamie on Monday night, which is always welcome.

The last half of the week was pretty low key. Made a trip to Northgate with Jamie on Wednesday night to make a stop at Target for some needed supplies. While waiting for the bus I received a phone call from Kristin. It was nice to talk to her since I had not been able to get in contact with her for a while. The conversation was good and it was nice to hear how she was doing.

Then the weekend came and Friday night was pretty damn cool. I don’t need to explain it all here because I already did so. But, then it was the usual weekend: work, time with Jamie, and studying. It was nice to see Gladiator again on Saturday night. Spent the whole time comparing Commodus with Paris on the wuss scale. I still think that Paris wins. I mean if you go and see Troy or read The Iliad you’ll know what I mean.

Overall, good week. This upcoming week will be busy with a lot of things due, but it is nothing that I cannot handle. So, until next week…