Truckin’ Along

Man, I’m beat. I must sleep seeing that this week will be quite busy and long. I cannot say that I am looking forward tomorrow, or any day this week. But, I will be taking it a day at a time and rolling with the punches. Deflection is key in a week like this. You need to bounce, recover, and move on. If you don’t do this you will fall behind without the chance to make anything up.

The 380 proposal is shaping up quite well and it will be completed by tomorrow night or early Wednesday morning. It just all depends at this point. I figure that after a 9 hour combined editing effort between Jamie and myself it is time to put it to rest for tonight. Tomorrow will bring another day of editing and lame work that I don’t want to do (F I G). It will get done, no doubts about that, I just don’t feel like working right now. Is chill time too much to ask?

I usually don’t make random posts like this anymore, but I am just so tired that I don’t know any better. So, I’ll let the time stamp do the talking since my bed is weeping as I have been neglecting it for the past 4 hours.

Current Feeling:Tired, but ready for what is next
Listening to: DMB Live @ Central Park