Harry Potter 3

Last night was the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with the crew from Stevens Court. We saw the movie at the Majestic Bay Theatre in Ballard. This movie theatre has to be one of the nicest in the Seattle area. What made me enjoy it even more was when the owner came into the theatre before the movie was shown and personally welcomed us to his theatre and spoke about its history. It is personal attention like that which makes me want to go back to a place like the Majestic Bay. So, last night was spent at a kickin’ theatre watching a kickin’ movie.

Now, I am not quite as hardcore as Jamie and her crew, but the movie was really good. Well, better than most. I was excited to see it after I spent an hour or so reading reviews about the movie at work on Thursday. The director of this movie, Alfonso Cuaron did a awesome job with this movie. Seeing this makes me want to see Y tu mama tambien again.

The scenery and visuals that were depicted in this movie were just stunning. The use of dark tones and colors to bring out the characters and their emotions was more than one could ask for. It was also interesting to see his use of the large willow tree to depict the change in the seasons. That was one thing that I thought was quite interesting and stuck out in my mind at the end of the film. It was a good way to get a transition from one season to the next and it was a very good cinematic move by the director.

Even beyond that, this movie was put together very well. I could talk about everything that I enjoyed about it, but I might talk for a while. It flowed better than most movies that I have seen lately and it would be interesting to see what I find in the movie if I see it again. Now, I cannot tell you that they didn’t describe the map and what the four names on it mean and how the professor knows how to make it vanish. But, I felt, while watching the movie that these things missing from the movie did not take away from the story at all. It was nice to be told the little things as the movie went along, but I didn’t feel that I was left out of any major part of the storyline by not having these parts in the film.

Seeing the movie makes me almost want to read the books. Ok, this is where Jamie gets excited. INSERT LARGE SMILE HERE But, we’ll see when I have the time to read them, if at all, over the summer. I still have a book in progress and another in waiting. Maybe this summer I’ll spend it reading some good books. Who knows?

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