Biking Excursion

Today Jamie, Anthony, and I made the trip from the U-District all the way to the Redmond Town Center. We took the Burke Gilman Trail for the 20 mile trek. That distance is only one way. Our total trip distance was 40 miles!

I have not biked in a long time and it was nice to get back out on the trail again. It is different than biking in Minnesota, but nonetheless it was a really good time. It was cool to get out, bike, and enjoy the weather. The ride was longer than I had expected and I am hurting all over right now, but it was way fun. I am sure that we will do this more in the future. I’m off to watch a movie right now, but I leave you with some pictures from the day.

This is us looking into Lake Washington. Yeah it’s cool, don’t knock it!

These two just cannot play nice!

This is Jamie showcasing the lake

This is the map of the trail that we biked. We started from the bottom left (U-District) and went all the way to Redmond (right)