iSchool Convocation 2004

Tonight I had the privilege to present the Monolith Award for Excellence in Informatics at the 2004 iSchool Convocation. It was in interesting experience to partake in. I had the pleasure to talk to the faculty on a non-academic basis and to maintain and build the current relationships that I have with them. It was also a good time to network for the upcoming school year for IUGA. That sounds very self serving for what my real purpose was that night, but it was true. Their reaction was that they were glad and happy to see me involved in this ceremony. I was glad that I could be apart of it. For a minute there I was just hoping that I would make it on time. I missed all three of my buses to campus and I had to walk 25min from my place to Meany Hall. But, I made it on time.

The ceremony was unlike others that I have been to… it was short! Man, this was different for me. When it was over and I was on the recession with the faculty, I was thinking, woah it’s over?! But, the ceremony was done very well. Funny thing was that after it was over talks were already brewing on how next year’s was going to go. In a year I will find out.

But, I was glad that I could attend this year’s convocation and take part in the ceremony. I knew like 5% of the total graduates, but to be on stage and to see the looks on all of their faces when they graduated was something that makes me anxious to graduate and savor the moment like they did that night. It also made me think about how much I am going to miss all of this when I am gone. I never thought that I would, but this is the year to savor out of all of them and I plan to make the most of it.

However the quote from the night has to go to Dr. Green. This was before our processional into Meany Hall, and I quote, “Man where is pimp and circumstance?” Music Begins. “Hells yeah!” *INSERT BEATBOX HERE*

Oh, Dr. Green…