Happy Panqueque Night

Last night it was happy pancake night at Kat’s. It was a good time, as usual, with the INFO crew. Dinner was very good and it just goes to reaffirm that Kathryn can cook very well. This was our first gathering since summer officially began it was nice to have everyone there and to see everyone. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago since we last saw each other. But, anyways… I don’t really have much to say. Hrm, strange. Here are some pics from last night to get you all through the day.

This is Avi and I breaking apart the greens… or this is a picture of me acting like a friggin’ weirdo. You decide.

A common trend between these two…

No, it’s not a traditional pancake. And yes, this is what we had for dinner.

Our wonderful cooks! Very good job!