Week in Review 6/21 – 6/27

This week was the first week of summer school and it was also the last. I was signed up for LING 100 during A term, but after the second day of class I decided that this class was not my thing and I dropped it the next day. This leaves me with 2 VLPA credits for B term to take. Those shouldn’t be too bad since it is music theory and I have been involved in playing music since I was in 5th grade. Oh, yeah, I also 4.0’ed the 1st quarter of the series, so yeah, we’ll see how it goes.

With the increase in time that I have had with dropping my A term class I am in need of things to do. I just finished my book on Saturday and my next set of books won’t be in until next week.

Since I have my afternoons free I can pretty much do whatever I want to fill the time. So, this past week I was out on the driving range with Jula, had an IUGA officers meeting, had a blast at Happy Panqueque Night, caught up with on old friend (Brent) at Korean BBQ, and watched Mystic River with Trotter on Friday. Phew, yeah, then it was University Market and lunch @ Chipolte with Jula, and then dinner w/ Jamie @ Jitterbug in Wallingford and Bad Boys II on Saturday.

Yeah, it was a good week last week. Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot that the bedroom furniture came in on Friday. Yeah, hopefully the weather stays nice so that I can be outside more. I need to get out b/c I am really pale right now and I need some sun. Yeah, sun… just what I need while I am sitting here in the lab posting this. *sigh*