Oh, Saturday!

Yeah, today was pretty amazing. Let’s see… I had Dim Sum in the International District, walked around the market, visited Jamie’s new place for the next couple of months, and went shopping. Now, that might not bleed excitement, but it was good times. Also, the really nice weather made it much more enjoyable to be outside in.

So, yeah, as I said, I went shopping today and I did something that I haven’t done in quite a while, I spent copious amounts of money on entertainment items. Well, mainly 3 DVDs and 2 CDs, but still. I shouldn’t say 2 CDs, that would be a lie. It is more like 7 CDs, because one of the DMB CD sets has 6 discs. Yeah, it has CDs from all 3 days of their concerts in the Gorge from a couple years ago. It will be amazing, but I am excited for all of them. Here’s what I purchased:

Needless to say I am excited about my purchases this afternoon. I am really excited about the 6 Dave CDs that will be shipped next week.

Anywho, onto the main course of the day (no pun intended), Dim Sum Saturday! Today Jamie, Kathryn, Kevin, and I went to the International District for some Dim Sum. We checked out a new place this time (as opposed to House of Hong) and it was pretty good. I mean, I am no expert or anything on Dim Sum, but it was good to me, minus the headache at the end of the fooding.

Then after that was over it was off to the market for some walking around and so Jamie could pickup a free comic since it was free comic day. Yeah, at this point pictures would be best for a few pictures to do the talking since I am tired and out of things to say…

Yeah, sesame balls are amazing! I mean, take a look at our faces. They tell the whole story.

And this is only a part of the food that we ate. They are just to efficient and take away all of the empty stuff before we even have a chance to take a picture!

Yeah, that guy drives that tricked out yellow car that says “Bzzzz” on the windshield. Is it me or does this just scream mid-life crisis? Oh, the best part is that he looks like he thinks he is a hard ass too… *sigh*

Yeah, Kathryn thought she won some money… but she was shut down by the machine! Yeah! “Sorry, Not a Winner!”