The Past Few Days

Well, needless to say the past few days have been interesting. For those of you who don’t know what happened, let me do a quick recap.

Thursday night Jamie left my place for her friend’s (Paul) 21 run. They get to the 1st bar, Finn McCool’s, on the Ave and no sooner then walking in the door there was an incident. Glasses had fallen off a table that Jamie was leaning on and she had cut her wrist open and was bleeding quite badly. I was not there when it happened, but from what I understand it was quite ugly.

I then received a phone call waking me and it was Jamie’s friend Cynthia telling me roughly the following in a phone call from Jamie’s phone:

C: Hey, Ryan. Jamie has had an accident and she’s bleeding.
R: What?! Where?
C: Finn McCools.
R: Oh, God. I’m on my way.

That is all I really remember of the phone call that night, the rest was a blur of me leaving my place in what I was sleeping in and heading to the ave. I seemed to hit every red light and time was moving so slow. I knew that things would be OK, but I just wanted to get there to see her and to make sure that everything was alright.

Once I arrived at the bar there was a fire truck and an ambulance on the scene to take care of the situation. I got into the bar and into the ladies room where she was being taken care of by her friend Will and the medics. I was quickly pushed back and I just left to go outside.

The next thing I saw was Jamie coming out of the bar with the help of the medics and then being helped into the ambulance. Since it would cost more money than it was worth to take to the UW Medical Center I drove her to the ER to be attended to.

She took the tetnis shot, irrigation, cleaning, and stitches like a true champ. Seriously, she did an awesome job and I was pretty dang proud of her. I thought I might have broke a finger or two since she was squeezing so hard, but the logic was that if she held at least two she would have a harder time breaking a finger. After around 2 hours she was all mended I took her home for some needed rest.

Friday was pretty much a lazy day and spent trying to have her heal up a little bit. Then, later that night, she wanted to head home. After an attempt to drive on I-5 I was called into action to drive her back to the ferry and to her home in PO since she could not drive very well. The rest of the night was spent at her place eating food and watching the better half of Moulin Rogue until I fell asleep.

Now I am on a ferry back to Seattle to head to work for the afternoon. So, that basically brings us to now. I am sure that Jamie will have something to say on her site, but she is doing fine and she did a great job with everything. She’ll be back to the usual Jamie that we all know in no time.