A Bike Ride for the Mind

Today was something different from the norm. Yeah, different. I know you think you can’t get much different than going to work and then going home and doing whatever you please, but I found a way. I managed to watch The Bourne Idendtity, which is a really good movie if you have not already seen it, and then after that I took a little bike ride to vent some steam.

I was getting a little frustrated with some things this afternoon and I decided that I was not going to let this get the best of me. So, I got on my bike and decided that I would head downtown to just ‘bike it off’.

I left my place and headed down Eastlake which later turned into Broad. I decided early on that I wanted to go to Safeco Field, so I turned onto 1st Ave and proceeded to head towards the stadium. It was really nice to just bike and be within the traffic. It provided a sense of excitement that my day was seeming to lack. Also, when it is busy downtown you just happen to go faster than the traffic anyways, so it works out for the best. It was something different and new that I had not yet done and I found it quite fun to do while at the same time also being kind of insaine by weaving in and out of rush hour city traffic.

After about forty-five minutes of riding I made it to the stadium and my goal was accomplished. Then it was time to head back up 4th and make my way home. While riding back up the street I biked past the new Seattle Public Library and needless to say it is quite amazing. I did not go in (I forgot my lock), but I will someday just to check it out.

Also on my way back I decided to go the Fremont way and over the Fremont Bridge. I made a quick stop at Gasworks Park to take a quick rest and then it was back on the Burke Gilman Trail to head back home.

Yeah, the biking was what saved this day. I just had stuff brewing inside that was going to get the best of me and I needed to do something to get it off my mind. I am sure that it might come back in some form later tonight, but at least now I had two hours of freedom from what was making me frustrated/mad/upset. Simply, it is amazing what a bike ride can do to the mind. I knew that if I just sat around and did nothing that I would just rot and get run into the ground. So, after I got off the phone I got on my bike and just left. I kinda made it up as a went along. I just put on my iPod and listened to DMB the whole way. It was the combo of being outside, biking, and listening to music that helped ease my tension. I would prefer to not get in this state of mind in the first place, but we are all human and we are always subject to our faults. This just happens to be one of mine.

Now it is off to eat and to sleep this off, tomorrow is no work and is a day full of endless possibilities.

Fact About Me: Being along is cool and all, but not all the damn time. I need someone around just to be there.