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Well, in my current state of perpetual boredom I added some new categories for my posts. Being the informatics student that I am this is only fitting, right? Now, there are some more updates coming along as well. One that I also did today was move some of the archive stuff to another page. You can get there by clicking on the navigation bar above.

One thing that I found funny after making all of these new categories is how ironic an old image I have is. Look below and you’ll see what I mean. The screenshot was originally taken on March 1st to show how the Trillian RSS reader worked and it just happened that I got this part of the conversation in the screenshot. Pretty weird foreshadowing if you ask me.

jamie wants a category

Go figure… 25 days later she thought it would be worth it. Still no category and all the preconditions were met. I’m so terrible.

9 thoughts on “New Categories Added”

  1. haha, cute. Jamie needs her own category for everything. I have her as an entire buddy group on my AIM – complete with a sn called “caseyeatwaffle”.

  2. pfft! Well, yeah, I mean the category “Short Filipino Girl I Met In Informatics and Whomn I am Currently Dating” just wasn’t going to cut it. So, I just cut your category all together ;) You can handle the software category all you want instead.

  3. Dont worry jamie, you have your own huuuuge category… RPrins’s heart. <3

    p.s. whenever i saw names that ended in S when i was little, such as Chris or Marcus (or RPrins for that matter)….my teachers would always write their possessive s like Chris’ and Marcus’ but pronounce it like “Chris’s” or “Marcus’s”. I thought they were stupid because if you wrote it like Chris’ then it would be like putting the apostrophe after the S in plural nouns, which means “Chris” would be plural of “Chri”…..i dunno. i still think i’m right. ;)

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