Sniffing for Wi-Fi

I was reading my latest issue of PC Magazine and I ran across an article about a keychain sized device called the Wi-Fi Seeker that will sniff for Wi-Fi hot spots. I have a program on my Powerbook that will do the same thing, but this device just requires the push of a button and it will check for local hotspots. Now, it gives you strength on a scale of 1 to 4 little LED lights, but it beats getting out a PDA or Laptop just to check for a wireless access point.

6 thoughts on “Sniffing for Wi-Fi”

  1. Sure, a little key chain device is cool and all. But since you’ve got your nifty PowerBook you should download Kismac, which is sweet. You can even load a map in and set coordinates and hook up a GPS. But that would be a lot of work. So sometime in the near future when we put it out there you should go download the Place Lab Stumbler and I’ll give you a zip of Seattle that you’ll need…then our program will tell you

    a) what access points you’re currently hearing
    b) what access points you’ve heard the entire session
    c) it’ll show you a nice map that you can turn the access points on and off
    d) it’ll tell you if you’ve found new access points that no one (aka the Place Lab folks) has heard and reported before.

    Ohh and I made the UI for it which is why I think it’s good. We’re working on messing with the speakables part so that your Mac will just read you all pertinent info….ahh, to be a geek is so great.

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