King Arthur

Last night Tho, Jamie, My Brother Paul, and I went and saw King Arthur at Meridian.

The movie was the basic tale of Arthur and his knights and the film was done very well. It wasn’t blow me away good, but the film was very well done. For a movie that was 2 hours long it went by really quick. I would say that if you like medieval history that you should go and see this movie. It is not an epic like Gladiator (which I say a lot), but it was good. The acting by the Arthur and Guenevere characters was very good and it added a lot to the film. The scenery was fabulous, but the story was just too similar to other movies coming out in this genre. Even though this story is really different from the others.

So, I’d recommended the movie if you like medieval history or the story of Arthur, but other than, wait for the rental.