Bite of Seattle

Fooding has never been better. Tonight Jamie, Anthony, my Brother Paul and I went to Seattle Center for the Bite of Seattle. I have not been to the Bite before, but I have been to similar events before. There were lots of people around and the weather could not have been better. We must have walked around enough to see all the stands. Luckily we were not too terribly hungry to begin with or else I would have spent a lot more money. I mean, I was all proud of myself for mooching off of the free samples and only spending $11 the entire night. I had an elephant ear, pad thai and fried rice, strawberry shortcake, and fried bananas. Good food and good times. Now I am feeling the wrath of a food coma…

Next Fooding Event: MN State Fair

4 thoughts on “Bite of Seattle”

  1. oooo, only $11. that’s tough to beat. i might go there later today, and i only have $10 in my wallet. but then again, i can prolly get full off of gum with my body size.

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