The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Well, this is book number two of the week that I have completed and again it is a very good book. I don’t really know what it was about this book that made me purchase it, but I will venture a guess that it was on the top 100 list and that I thought it looked interesting. Or, I found a book that was interesting and then this was recommended by someone who had read the book that I was looking at. In any case this is a very good book and I am glad that I took the time to read it.

The book covers 21 laws of leadership and the author, John C. Maxwell, does a very good job bringing in personal stories and stories of history to backup the 21 different laws. Some of the figures that he used quite frequently in the book were Abraham Lincoln, Jack Welsch, and Theodore Roosevelt just to name a few.

Each chapter is easily broken down into sub-sections and emphasized points are highlighted in boxes on almost every page throughout the entire book. This really helps the reader reinforce what he is trying to convey. Just reading this book within a specific perspective will definitely help me this upcoming year and for the years to come. It offers simple advice that you can use and then he leaves it up to you on how to apply it.

The rules are mutually exclusive, but when combined in a union the results are multiplied. It is a very good read and it is a book that I am sure to read again in the future. Below I’ll list the 21 rules for you to take a look at.

  • The Law of the Lid – Leadership Ability Determines a Person’s Level of Effectiveness
  • The Law of Influence – The True Measure of leadership Is Influence– Nothing More, Nothing Less
  • The Law of Process – Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day
  • The Law of Navigation – Anyone Can Steer the Ship, But It Takes a Leader to Chart the Course
  • The Law of E.F. Hutton – When the Real Leader Speaks, People Listen
  • The Law of Solid Ground – Trust Is the Foundation of Leadership
  • The Law of Respect – Paople Naturally Follow Leaders Stronger Then Themselves
  • The Law of Intuition – Leaders Evaluate Everything with a Leadership Bias
  • The Law of Magnetism – Who You Are Is Who You Attract
  • The Law of Connection – Leaders Touch a Heart Before The Ask for a Hand
  • The Law of the Inner Circle – A Leader’s Potential Is Determined by Those Closest to Him
  • The Law of Empowerment – Only Secure Leaders Give Powers to Others
  • The Law of Reproduction – It Takes a Leader to Raise Up a Leader
  • The Law of Buy-In – People Buy Into the Leader, Then the Vision
  • The Law of Victory – Leaders Find a Way for the Team to Win
  • The Law of the Big MO – Momentum Is a Leader’s Best Friend
  • The Law of Priorities – Leaders Understand That Activity Is Not Necessarily Accomplishment
  • The Law of Sacrifice – A Leader Must Give Up to Go Up
  • The Law of Timing – When to Lead Is As Important As What to Do and Where to Go
  • The Law of Explosive Growth – To Add Growth, Lead Followers–To Multiply, Lead Leaders
  • The Law of Legacy – A Leader’s Lasting Value Is Measured by Succession

Laws from The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership