Chilling at Greenlake

Yesterday was pretty chill. After class I came home and relaxed for the better part of the afternoon. I really can’t tell you what I did. Not because I don’t want to tell you, I just don’t remember. After Jamie got off of work it was off to Northgate to cash in on 25 free digital prints from Target and dinner at the Olive Garden. Then, Jamie and I ventured to Greenlake for some relaxation.

We stopped by SBC for some cool drinks then we walked around the lake to watch the sun set. Of course Jamie has to be hypersensitive to caffeine and later that night, when watching some ghetto fab web cam videos on her PC w/o a mouse, she was going hyper. Yeah, this isn’t like “Oh wow a cookie!” hyper, this is another level of hyper. More along the lines of “OMG A cookie, a shiny baloon, and a notebook!” kind of hyper. Yea, it’s like that.

Around 1045 I figured that I needed to get home, I open on Fridays (only 3 more openings!). I can’t say that I’ve seen her tripped out like that before while on caffeine. Well, it was probably the combo of the video hotness and the caffeine, but I’ll say it was the 7pm caffeine rush. She later, after the comment that I’d like to see her on an energy drink, said she would rather get drunk than take an energy drink. My suggestion? Red Bull/Rockstar and Vodka. That would equal win. Seriously. Oh, some day… *raises glass*

Pictures from the night are below. I really like the second one.

Jamie at Greenlake

Greenlake Sunset

I have also put the last image into a basic wallpaper in the following sizes: