Tonight I went to the Cinerama to see Collateral with Anthony and Geritt. The ramp that we parked in was so low that I was afraid of hitting my head on the I-Beams. Geritt’s antena on his truck was twanging all the way up until we parked. It was humorous to the point that it was silly. But, back to the movie… I had heard good things about this movie and wanted to see it. From what I read I was excited, but was I so excited when I left?

Seeing Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx act completely serious roles, well for Foxx, was interesting. The plot has its lighter moments and it breaks up the seriousness that goes on through the majority of the movie.

The basic plot is this: A cab driver, Max played by Foxx, picks up Vincent (played by Cruise) and is offered $600 to stay with Vincent for the duration of the night. When the first stop gets botched there is added pressure for Max to stay along for the whole night since he has pieced together what is going on.

From there the movie develops into a story that attempts to add background to the characters by talking about their past or even as much as visiting Max’s dying mother in the hospital. The movie flows very well and the music selection is pretty good through out the entire movie.

I really enjoyed seeing this movie and was glad that I went to the theatre to see it. Didn’t leave as excited for the movie as I was about seeing Shawshank Redemption back in theatres on September 24th for the 10 year anniversary. Overall I’d give it a 4/5. It was good, but it wasn’t great.