Back in Minnesota

Well, I am back home in Minnesota. It is kinda of weird to call it home since I really do not spend that much time here anymore. But, this is where I grew up and it is nice to be back with the family and familiar surroundings. The plane flight was good and pretty quick too at 2 hours and 40 minutes. The part that seemed to take a long time was the time it took to get my bags. Maybe it was because I was the first one off of the plane and I was at the baggage carousel early, but it just seemed to last a lifetime.

What’s new?

The first thing that I really did since I got home was go to church. It was strange to go and see a new pastor and to hear and see how things have changed. I miss how it used to be, but those times are now gone. After church it was off to Lunch w/ the entire family. On the way to lunch I was noticing that there was a lot of new construction going on where I live and it was really strange to see it all.

A lot was sticking out since I have not been home in nine months and it is just amazing to see the development and the change that has occurred since I was last here. Another thing that I just can’t get used to is looking at Minnesota license plates. Strange, yes. I know. I have just recently grown used looking that the Washington state plates and I keep looking down and wanting to say “Oooh, look! A Minnesota plate!” But, I don’t. I keep that inner dialogue to myself since that would be silly since they are on every car.

I also made a trip to the Mall of America today with my father to get some shoes repaired. Yeah, there is a huge IKEA in the lot across the street now. Crazy. I read about it in the paper, but seeing it is much different. I know the one in Seattle gets a lot of traffic, but I am curious to know how busy (or not) this one is.

What’s next?

Tonight is a family BBQ with some of the relatives and cousins. I say some because a few of them have headed back to college already. It should be good times. Tomorrow will most likely include a trip to the Costco in St. Louis Park (my birth place). Then it is a dentist appointment and Jamie’s arrival on Tuesday. I suppose I should figure out what to do for the rest of the week.

What hasn’t changed…

  • We still hate the Packers.
  • The land is really flat.
  • The misquotes are always present.
  • Minnesotan’s love the outdoors.
  • The MN Fair will rock.
  • The Mall of America is too damned big for me.
  • My bed is small, firm, and uncomfortable to sleep in when compared to what I usually sleep in.
  • Evertime I come home I end up fixing computers…

More to come later, but now I have a computer to fix…