Long Time No See

It is always nice to catch up with an old friend. This is what I had the opportunity to do this afternoon. It was good to talk about whatever we wanted. It mainly involved school, HS friends that we still talk to, what we’re up to, and how we really don’t know what to do with our time when we are in the midwest.

All in all it was a good time to spend the two hours to sit down and talk. It really didn’t seem like it was that long, but then it was time to go our separate ways. That will probably be the only contact that I have with my old friends while I am here in MN. So, unless someone reads this and decides that they want to hang out and they call me. But, other than that Jamie will be in tomorrow and I’ll attempt to show her all the the Twin Cities has to offer. So, if you have any suggestions on what we should do until Sunday let me know. I am out of ideas.