The Minnesota Adventures (Day 1)

Today was the first full day that Jamie and myself were let loose to behold all that Minnesota has to offer. The day began downtown at the IDS tower to meet with my father for lunch @ McCormick & Schmick’s. Then we walked around downtown to see what else was going on. We got free icees from some people out promoting Dove products by Orchestra Hall. It was getting hot and humid out, which is typical of a MN summer, so it was nice to have on our walk back to the garage.

From there we headed towards the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden so that Jamie could see the Spoon and Cherry. But, along the way we passed the Basilica of St. Mary and went inside. It reminded me a lot of the churches that I have visited in Europe. It was dark, tall, and beautiful. Sounds kinda like a personal ad. Hah! Anyways, we finally made it to the sculpture garden so that she could see the spoon and cherry. From there it was off to the Mall of America.

Ok, so, this is the biggest mall in the United States, but I hate it. It is too big and I get tired quickly from walking around it. But, we visited the various levels of the mall, LEGO Land, and Camp Snoopy. I don’t usually go to the mall much since I have other malls closer to where I live. Nevertheless it was a good time at the MOA.

Then it was off to home, where I am at now, to relax and to get some dinner before the big day of the Great Minnesota Get Together tomorrow. Yes, the State Fair will rock. More to come later.

Note: Tomorrow’s entry will contain an image for each item we eat at the fair. Food + Pictures of Food = Win