The Minnesota Adventures (Day 2)

This day was all about the Minnesota State Fair. We headed out to the fair around 11am and we spent a good 8 hours milling around the fair seeing, eating, and smelling everything that it had to offer. The weather was not quite as nice as we had hoped, it was chilly and rainy, but it was a nice change from the hot and humidness that usually surrounds the time the fair is in session. All in all it was a good day. I don’t think I have ever eaten that much at the fair, but hey, there are first times for a reason.

As promised, I have pictures from the day’s activities. Most of them are of food, and some are things that we just found kinda funny.

State Fair Foods

From Left to Right:
» Row 1: Turkey Baked Beans, Walleye on a Stick, Sausage Wrapped in Breading w/ Marinara
» Row 2: Ham and Cheese Stromboli, Triple Berry Shake, Fudge Puppie (Waffle dipped in fudge on a stick)
» Row 3: Pronto Pup (similar to corn dog), Pepperoni Pizza, Spuds on a Stick (Fried mash potatoes on a stick)
» Row 4: Elephant Ear, Apples & Caramel w/ Ice Cream and Nuts, Steak Fajita
» Row 5: Hush Puppies, Chicken and Cheese Wrap, ONE GALLON BUCKET OF COOKIES AND ALL YOU CAN DRINK MILK

Yes, the cookies were amazing and deserve to be bolded. This was like pure utopia for Jamie. What is better than a gallon bucket of cookies and unlimited milk… not much. She was wondering why I made that the last stop of the day. Now she knows why. You are too full after eating the cookies (not the whole gallon) and drinking unlimited milk for a buck.

Needless to say the fair was amazing. The weather could have been better, but hey, I was with good company and the food was really good.

So, onto the non-food photos…

Hot Tub

This was taken because we thought that this hot tub looked amazing and large. When we walked past it we realized that there was another that was two feet taller. Too bad they cost 30k.


This was in one of the animal barns. Thought it was funny.

Jamie Cookie

The self proclaimed cookie ho in action.

Jamie Bucket

Then it was back home after a long day at the fair. More cookies to be eaten at a later date.