The Minnesota Adventures (Day 3)

Today was spent in St. Paul looking at the Snoopy statues and also going to the state capital. It was pretty fun. I like St. Paul, but it is a little far to go to on a regular basis. Espically when the streets are as quiet as they were today. It felt like a ghost town. But, it was nice to walk and take pictures without the obstruction of people on the street.

Jamie should have some pictures of all the little Snoopy statues that we saw today. We hit about 38 of them downtown today. That brings our total to over 50. Pretty impressive considering that there are only around 100 of them total for this series.

Just in case you were wondering why St. Paul has these, I’ll explain. Around 5 years ago Charles Schlutz died. He was the creator of the Peanut’s cartoon series. He was born and raised in St. Paul. As a tribute to his life the city of St. Paul and the community dedicated various statutettes of various characters. The first year they did Charlie Brown and this last year is a dog house scene with Snoopy on top of his dog house with Woodstock on his belly. Companies sponsor each model and then they hire a painter to paint them. At the end of the summer they are auctioned off for chairity. It attracts a lot of people to the city and they are pretty impressive to look at.

So, there is a little breif history on what we saw today. We have hit almost everything that she and I could think of. Tomorrow should be interesting as we look for something to do. Maybe we’ll see “Hero” or head to a lake, or just sleep all day and only wake for food. Only tomorrow will tell…

Since there are too many pictures to share from today, I have picked just one to display. It is a reflection off of a building in downtown St. Paul.

St. Paul Reflection