The Minnesota Adventures (Day 4)

Today was the last full day that we had in Minnesota. It was a pretty relaxed day.

The day began with breakfast made by my mother and then it was off to the comic book store to see if Jamie could find a comic that she was looking for. After that it was to the local mall to shop and see a movie.

At the end of the day an observation was made by Jamie; that was the 1st time that we had ever seen a movie in a theatre as just the two of us.

3 thoughts on “The Minnesota Adventures (Day 4)”

  1. hahaha wendy and i have the same circumstance that when we find ourselves watching a movie in the theater as just the two of us, we cannot stop talking about that fact. It’s only been twice, I believe…
    “Fifty First Dates” on v-day, and “Harold and Kumar” opening weekend.
    We should double date and watch a movie, then talk about how we never go to the movie theater with just our significant others by ourselves.

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