First Seahawks Game

I just got back from my first Seahawks game at Qwest Field. I knew from the chill I got during the pre-game team introductions that I would enjoy this game. The game that I saw was really good, incase you missed it on TV. I mean, when you are up 17-0 at the end of the first quarter you know that you were bound to do well. The game ended up 34-0 with a Seahawks win.

If the ‘Hawks do good this year I just might have to get tickets for next season. Also, the seats that we had were pretty good too. They were on the north end of the field right at the goal line about mid way up the lower deck.

Man, now it is back to living through football on TV. Pro football, since the Huskies suck this year.

3 thoughts on “First Seahawks Game”

  1. lol manny, osu is weak sauce. gg.

    but yeah every pac10 school is pretty weak sauce too.

    RYAN! i saw you today walking on the ave with jamie and two guys on my way to class on the bus! GG!
    And the other day i went to northgate with david and i saw this old european looking car, and i shit you not, on the outside of the passenger door it said “Le Car”!!!!!! i was laughing when i saw it and wished i had the wonderful capabilities of a camera phone, but alas i had nothing but my laughter and david’s not giving a damn. so yeah, le haha, i thought you would le like it. Le.

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