Thursday Night At Jillian’s

Last night IUGA, er… some friends of mine, headed out to Jillian’s in Seattle for some drinks, eats, pool, and some good times. I say some friends of mine because that is how it ended up. We scheduled this event as an IUGA event, but some people just decided that it wasn’t their thing. Oh well, to each their own.

We showed up at 7pm with an hour left of happy hour. This was nice because all of the appetizers were half off. The downside was that it took 40 minutes to get a drink and our food orders. So, the service was pretty poor. I mean, myself (along with many others) were very hungry and patiently awaiting our food. So, when the drinks showed up we didn’t want to drink them because we have had nothing to eat for around seven to eight hours. So, we waited again some more and then the food arrived and we began to eat. The service was one of those things where you wanted to order more food, but if it was going to take another hour to get it, then you might as well forget it. However, later in the evening the service would all change.

It has been a while since a lot of us have been out to go drinking or do something like what we did last night. It was fun to just hang out, have some drinks and just enjoy the night. We sat around passing euphemisms like they were that box of doughnuts that Darrin had earlier that day. Of course, adding drinks to the mix doesn’t help. This made playing pool very interesting. Well, not interesting… freaking humorous.

Speaking of pool… what color are we? Yes, Kevin asked that for about two hours straight when we were playing. What was funny about this was that he knew the wrong color, but didn’t know the right one. In either case, when you gave him an answer that was correct (in his rum and coke drenched mind) you got an enthusiastic “Thank You!” back in return. Well, then he’d run the table and the game would be over. But, that is another story. The key observation for the night on the pool table was that as the more drinks were consumed an increase in the quality of pool playing followed. I think I’d like to call this the Kevin Pittman Pool Playing Theorem. Or, KPPPT for short. Hah!

I should also point out that their chocolate cake was awesome! Just thought it deserved its own line.

Overall it was a good night. Watching Kevin and Kat tear it up in pool and Jamie, Dan, Jessica, Sean, Anthony, and myself thinking that we could play pool. Sean thinking that they had the best water ever and Kevin asking me “What drink am I on?” Like always, it is good times with these folks. However, the event of the night had to be the car ride home. I’d talk about it, but I think I’d get some crazies looking at my blog from their cracked out google searches. So, I think I’ll pass on that. However, to give you an idea, it was like the car ride there, but with the addition of alcohol it made things interesting. Oh, wait. That doesn’t help any of you… too bad!

So, until next time…