If You Didn’t Know…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months you know that there is an election coming up this Tuesday. This is an important election, as all are, and people have some pretty strong views on what they think is “right” and what they think is “wrong” for this country.

For myself, I think that the two party system polarizes people and tends to make enemies. It makes for good TV, decent debate, and exciting races to watch. But, is it good for us as people? I know that there are plenty of good reasons why we have two parties, I am not here to debate that. But, I think that sometimes it is the mentality that you’re either one of us or the enemy that drives discussion.

For me it is tough to sit around and watch so much hate. To have people say that they hate Republicans because they are x. Or to have people say that they hate Democrats for reason y. I think that is just pathetic, on both sides. Can’t people just keep it to themselves. Hell, I think what I think because of who I am and you do the same. I’m not writing about how I hate x person/group because of y reason. I am not talking down to you because I am “better” than you or because I am more “right”. I just won’t do it.

It is just pissing me off.

So, incase you didn’t know, I’m a conservative. O.k. Stop. You can flame me out because of whatever reasons you want, but I’d like to think that many of my friends who know me are bigger than that. Some, however, aren’t and it saddens me. I have witnessed some of it already in various forms.

You can say that you’ll never speak to a Republican/Democrat because they are x, y, and z. Alright, that is your right. I will not attempt to take that away from you, ever. But, I just wish that people would get past the fact that people are liberal or conservative or whatever and just see them as who they are, people like you and I. In my case I’m Ryan, not the conservative that you hate. Or, so I’d hope.

It is tough for me to write this because I tend to bite my lip a lot when it comes to politics. I am not a person to be brash and out to get attention for what I think and to tell people that they are wrong or right. I don’t even think that people are necessarily wrong, they just have a different view than I do. Politics is not like math, there is no “right” answer; only one that is better, worse, or consistent with the previous one.

I keep my views to myself and I do it for good reason. Shouting matches solve nothing.

I would like to think that I am pretty down the middle politically. I’m not so far right that I am polarized and aiming to fall off of the political spectrum. I am your swing voter. I have known this for a long time. If you look in my Government Portfolio that I made when I was in High School I put my self just to the right of center. Not much has changed since I put it on paper back then.

I know that I am surrounded by Democratic friends and I have no problem with that. Hell, Jamie and I get into it all the time on issues (not so much anymore). But, it is civil and I have respect for her no matter what she says. This is just one example, however. I don’t have many more situations like that because civil discourse frequently turns into a whose right and wrong match when, I think, they should be trying to understand where people are coming from. This is not to say that you have to agree with them.

The people that I know are my friends before they are a political persona. I have a tremendous amount of respect for my friends and I respect them no matter what their views are.

So, all of this hate has just pushed me over the edge. I’d like to think that this won’t matter to you, but for some I know it will or it already has. To those who it does effect, I’m sorry you feel that way. But, I will press on being me and try to not let this get to me.