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As many of you know I frequently post links on this site to random things on the web that I find interesting. However, as of late, I have been struggling on whether or not to assign these links a category other than “Hotlinks.” I have been adding them to other categories recently because the Hotlinks category is so all encompassing that it is easy to loose some of the good stuff that I post in there. Mainly, I don’t want to lose articles about web design, or things that are useful. Things that are in the news, or are just funny I can live without, but they can go into their respective categories.

My current thinking is that they should be applicable to a category that I already have. So, apply it to that one first. Then, since it is just a link and a blurb, add it to the Hotlinks category. This is kind of where I am leaning. However, I don’t want to have a large and robust categorization scheme. It would just get out of control eventually.

So, what I am in need of is a muse. A muse that will inspire me on the path that I need to take. But, what I need to know is if this will make a difference or not. For me, it is just annoying to have them all in one category (this is my INFO coming out). I’m sure I’ll go over my blog during break and fix my hacked up taxonomy of categories. But, I am curious. Should I put another category into the hotlinks that I post? Or does it not matter?

5 thoughts on “Hotlink Categories”

  1. I think the categorization method you described makes the most sense. Rather than make subcategories within hotlinks, you can just tag your posts with the hotlinks category in addition to other categories which describe the link content itself.

    That’s just my infopinion though.

  2. see, this is what happens when you dont think about your personas. we’re friggin librarians of the internet, our main information requirement is that everything is categorized. ^_^

  3. Well, it just bothers me. I mean, I like the hotlinks that I post, but I think that they need to be applied to two categories (Hotlinks, and another). But, then do I go back and revise the ones I already did? Argh. I just don’t know!

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