Emmert Visits iSchool

Today was the day that UW President Emmert was scheduled to visit the iSchool to see what we have to offer as a school. Being a student representative I was asked to speak with him and other student representatives during a 15 minute time span while on his visit. A weel ago, I was told to be on campus at 10am to be there on time. However, I check my e-mail at around 9:25am today and I see a message telling us that it has been moved up to 9:45am. This means that I had to book it to campus to even try to get there on time.

Once I arrived, I found out that I was like a minute early. So, that was good. I was a little out of breath from my rushing to get there, but it was OK. It was all worth it. I was there representing every undergrad in the program for the President.

When he walked in we all greeted him and introduced ourselves. He lead the conversation and for the short time that he was with us I could tell that I liked him. Kind of makes me disappointed that I am leaving. He seems very passionate about this university and wants to take it to the next level. He seemed very interested in who we were and why we chose the education path that we did. He was just soaking it all in.

Overall, I was very impressed with him as a person and as our President. I hope that he can live up to his word, because from what I saw today he seems like the man that could do it. But, now, I’ll have to sit back and watch from the sidelines as he works his magic while at UW.