Ocean’s Twelve

Ocean's 12 PosterLast night I went to Alderwood 7 to see Ocean’s Twelve. From reading reviews beforehand I kind of knew that this movie wouldn’t be as good as the original. The reviews were stating that it was just a reason to get a bunch of friends together and make a movie. I couldn’t agree more.

The storyline was awkward, the plot was lacking, the editing wasn’t that great, and I just really didn’t like it. Now, I will say that it was funny. But, why have Bruce Willis in the movie? Did he really need to play a part in this movie? Or, why did Julia Roberts have to act as herself? I mean, it was funny, but not laughing out loud funny. Makes me wonder why they added it in the first place. Did the run out of other content to add to the movie?

But, if I were to break the movie down, I’d have to say that the story wasn’t that great, the acting was good (hell, they’re all great actors), and the way it all fit together was just awkward. I wouldn’t recommend to see this in the theatre, wait for the DVD Rental. Now, I’m sure I’ll end up purchasing this when it comes out, but I just don’t think that it was that great of the movie. I’ll have to give it like a 72/100. Bad story, good actors. Worst part is that they left it open for a third movie. So, we’ll see where they take that.