Winter Break Motivation

As I arrived at work today, I am came to the stark realization that I really don’t have much to do. I have been messing around with an on line image gallery, but I don’t know what I want to do with it quite yet. I’m thinking of coding some stuff for this site, but I’m too lazy to do so. Maybe I should finish some of the books that I started this summer. Well, it would be great to do all of those things, but I lack one thing: Motivation.

After the end of last quarter I just haven’t had much to do in the order of non-school work. Now, this isn’t to say that I don’t have things that I should/could be doing, but I just lack the motivation to do so. Maybe when I get home on Sunday I’ll have this huge want to do something. Well, we’ll see… In the meantime I think I need a list, similar to what Jamie did, of things to accomplish over break. I’m task/goal oriented, so maybe this will help.

  • Finish the books that I started this summer
  • Tinker/Implement image gallery on this site
  • Beat HL2 and GTA: Vice City
  • Go Christmas shopping for somebody besides myself ;)
  • Get Powerbook to Apple store for casing repair
  • Think about a re-design
  • Plan out stuff for IUGA
  • Spend a minimum of time checking e-mail and chatting on line
  • Look into stuff for the upcoming capstone

Well, it’s not that short of a list, but some of the points are pretty easy. So, we’ll see what I can get done over break. Now I am going to go back and marvel at the fact that today when I opened nobody was in the lab. Not a single person.

2 thoughts on “Winter Break Motivation”

  1. Yeah, the list I posted was just the bare minimum to keep me a little focused. Usually, I have another winter break goal list that is more “fun stuff to do”-oriented. Like making my marshmellow nativity scene and finding Santa Claus hats for the mini-pumpkins your mom gave me. :)

  2. I can defnitely relate to the entire “lack of motivation” thing – my only motivation is the fact that I’ve made promises to other people, and it would not do my rather sparse resume well to let any of them down. It would be nice to read a couple of books, tho’ – maybe starting next week…;)

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