I’m Back

After floating through the fog to meet the runway at SEA-TAC I’ve arrived back in Seattle. My flight yesterday was good and spending time at home was even better. I had the chance to catch up on sleep and not have to worry about anything. Well, almost anything. But, it was nice to just kick back and relax for nine days. There were no due dates or deadlines to meet. I was on my own, to do what I wanted… and I did.

To just sit back and relax was kind of wierd. My roommate would swear that I never do work already, but I do and I’m sneaky on how I get things done. I mean, to wake up and look at a day that had nothing planned at all was boggling. I could do what I wanted. Amazing. So, when given the opportunity to do so, I did.

With all of this free time I didn’t finish that book I wanted to. I didn’t stay offline as much as I wished. But, I still was away from my digital life for a majority of the time when I was home. This was a nice change. The biggest difference that I noticed was how my e-mail load just died once the quarter was over. I kept thinking to myself, “Is this working?” Guess I’m not used to not getting e-mail. But, not getting e-mail is a good thing, right?

As with all good things, they must come to an end. So, yesterday it was bittersweet to leave. I was sad to leave Minnesota but excited to be heading back to Seattle. The hard part is that I don’t know exactly what lies ahead for me and I really do not have an idea on when I’ll be back. So, that made it tough to head back. But, the time that I did spend at home was nice and relaxing. This was nice since I didn’t get to relax much over Thanksgiving weekend.

But, over this break, I ended up spending most of my time shopping, playing GTA: San Andreas, or sleeping. I tried to keep it low key since I’m thinking low key might be hard to come by in the upcoming weeks.

When I arrived in Minnesota it was beyond cold and I think the high was 26 degrees for the nine days when I was home. So, needless to say, with the addition of the wind chill, it was cold. For those of you that are native to Seattle and think it’s cold here, you’ve got nothing on the -16 degree wind chill I had on my first night back. Not to say that I am still completely used to this bitter cold, which I am not, but man was it cold.

One thing I did notice (or remember) was that you never really feel it get colder. -10 is practically the same as -15 or 0. But, when it warms up from 15 to like 20 or 25 you feel the difference. Kinda of weird, but that’s the beauty of a Minnesota heat wave.

To recap the holiday season I would just sum it up as nice. It was nice to see the family, to eat good meals, and to be in good company. I never really get to wrapped up in receiving gifts, but I struggle in giving them. Maybe Jamie will share what she got last night? Who knows.

I’m looking forward to the new year, despite the assumptions and miscommunication on what is going on the 31st. 2005 will be a year of firsts and lasts, but it will defiantly be exciting.