Synergy is an Amazing Thing

Alright, I am so excited right now that I don’t even know how I can put it into words. As many of you know, I have a desktop PC and a PowerBook. My main problem is that I really like my Mac, but I hate having to switch the keyboard and mouse over to it when I want to sit at my desk and work. Well, what I have found on the internets is just amazing!


Yes, it deserves it’s own freaking line. This program is amazing. I am currently typing with the keyboard hooked into my PC… but I am blogging this on my Mac. Yeah, this is rad. It shares the connection of my keyboard and mouse over TCP/IP so I am sharing it wirelessly to my Mac. How cool is that? No more need to unplug and plug it back in. I can just start Synergy and do my stuff.

This works on Linux, Windows XP, and OS X. So, with it you can mix and match if you wish. Now, this works nice if you have the monitors for all systems. In my case I just use the laptop screen. But, even so, you could be creative in how you do this.

Gosh, I’m so excited right now. If you have a laptop/desktop combo or whatever, this is a great program to try out. Oh yeah, if you add an open file share between the two computers you’re gravy. In any case, check it out if you think this could benefit you. It sure blew me away.