Super Bleh

Well, I feel like I just threw away 7 hours of my life. The Super Bowl wasn’t that great and to top it all off the commercials were not that great either. I’d name a commercial that I liked, but I can’t name any that really stood out to me. The one good thing is that the Patriots won. But, the game was just sloppy. Oh, well. Guess it is time to start my laundry and eat some dinner. Maybe there will be some productivity to come, but I have this feeling I won’t get much done.

6 thoughts on “Super Bleh”

  1. I thought the G-SPAN commercial was fairly amusing. The Ameriquest commercial with the cat and the pasta sauce was memorable as well.
    I also have to agree that the game was played sloppily and wasn’t that great.

  2. WOWWOOWOWOW yeah, i was rooting for philly.

    i would never root for the pats….bunch a mel gibson wannabe mofos. BAH!

    i liked the bud commercial with the pilot jumping out the plane…thought that was semi funny. The rest of the commercials seemed like they were put together last minute cuz they all seemed like second hand ads. some used shit you can find at the salvation army. gg.

  3. As much as I wanted to root for the Patriots because Corey Dillon (UW Alum and one of the most underrated runningbacks) is on the team, I could not. The reason being that I HATE Tom Brady. He’s overrated and has a buttcrack chin. I’ve heard people compare him to Joe Montana and.. god damn it I hate Tom Brady.

    Also, if you couldn’t find that Diet Pepsi Truck commercial funny, there’s something wrong with you.

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