5 thoughts on “I Feel Like…”

  1. If you (of all people) need a drink at 930 am, then yes, I think I can adequately say that the info crew as a whole probably feels like death.

    Like my missing schmoo, who got home at 447am this morning.

    Get yourself a drink Ryan Prins, you deserve one. You’re almost through though, hang in there (other words of encouragement, etc etc) – this too shall pass and then you’ll be free!

  2. I will encourage you the same way I did jamie!

    “Domestic skunks should be obtained from reputable breeders, some of whom have been breeding skunks for over 60 years. Removing skunks from the wild can be dangerous since there is no way to ensure that the skunk has not been exposed to rabies.”

    YOu can do it!!

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