It’s Over. Time to OMGWTFBBQ!

Yesterday was the last day for some of us in the Informatics program. We took our last classes, handed in our last papers, and were on our way out of the university. This is a pretty big deal and what a better way to celebrate a big deal by having a OMGWTFBBQ!

Now, it is strange to be done. Well, not really that strange… yet. But, yesterday was a good day for me. I had a really good second interview with Avanade, I attended my last class as a undergrad, went to work (*sigh*), then partied northside at Dan’s place. It was a pretty relaxing way to end the quarter. I had never been to Dan’s place, but it was really nice. Well, the bus ride wasn’t, but that’s alright. I was just glad that I could make it. There was a multitude of food available to eat. Everything from the kickin’ salsa that Jessica made all the way down to the oysters that Tho brought. Being the white guy I had two cheeseburgers. Yes, of all the things to eat… I know. But, I was craving it all day and skipped the beef at lunch so that I would be craving it at dinner.

So, enough of me talking… what you want to see is pictures!

Rufino chillin...
Rufino just takin’ a break

Kevin laying the smack down, or saying “Drink This!”

Kat impersonating presenters
Kat doing one of her many presentation impersonations

Yet again... more poker
Poker… which reminds me… poker night? my place?

The outdoors excitement
The outside eating fiesta

So, needless to say it was a great night. Again, thanks to Dan and Jessica for opening up their place it us, it was a blast.

8 thoughts on “It’s Over. Time to OMGWTFBBQ!”

  1. Dude, my Sponge Bob visor owns you all!!!!111one

    I don’t know who managed to spill beer on my wall, but mad props to you. That took talent.

    I’d like to thank everyone who brought stuff to contribute. I spent a lot of moniez and any help to reduce costs was much appreciated.

  2. I want to thank everyone that showed up and kept the party alive, it was great.

    … and Thanks to Sean for spilling not just one, but two (yes, two) of my full drinks… that takes talent.

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  4. Man, that was a fun party. I especcially love it when people come, spoke us out, and then leave. That was hawt.

    I think we’re all a little lucky there was no permanent damage to any thing, any one, or any one’s records last night…

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