Well… Well…

I can’t say that I’ve been up to nothing for the past couple weeks, I just made the decision to cut off my digital ties as much as possible. But, now I’m back to the regular digital lifestyle. It was nice to step away and head back to Minnesota for a little bit. I just did nothing. I really did, all you have to do is ask my Mom. I sat around and did nothing. Well, played the PS2 for a bit, but that’s about it. It was a much needed break away from everything. But, now I’m back in Washington and getting ready to start work next Wednesday.

The whole time I was in Minnesota I was thinking about how nice it was to do nothing. I really tried to keep away from my e-mail. I usually only checked it twice a day. That made my little vacation much easier to enjoy. For some reason I’ve gotten back into the habit I had a while ago where I was afraid to check my e-mail. But, not checking it made it all better. It’s funny how simple something like e-mail can just ruin how you feel. But, luckily I didn’t need to be tied to it while I was over break.

Now that I have returned to Washington, I have just a little time until I start work. Yesterday was quite the adventure, but it ended up with me getting a car. So, as of yesterday I am the proud leasee of a 2005 VW Passat. I’m pretty excited about it. I can’t get it until I get proof of insurance, but that will hopefully happen today.

After the car thing was finalized yesterday Anthony and I had a meeting in MGH about some IT stuff. It went really well, hopefully STF funding can produce what we envisioned back in autumn. So, that’s pretty exciting for the 5th cohort and all cohorts following. Then it was back to Anthony’s and then to Starbucks, HSL, and finally Ivar’s for happy hour. Yeah, Ivar’s was cool and fun to just chill. But, it sucked that I couldn’t finish my chowder. So sad.

Anyways, I’m sure the next few days will either drag on or just fly by. Tomorrow is the KHSA Cambodian New Year’s Show, so we’ll see David and Teresa tear it up on stage. Well, at least that’s what David tells us.

Guess I should try to do something productive… like pay bills.