Super Size Me

Super Size MeThe other day I watched Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me at the suggestion of my roommate. I also decided to watch it because I have been seeing advertisements for a show that FX is doing titled 30 days, which looks to be really good.

While I was watching the movie I couldn’t feel too bad about what I was seeing. I guess, to me, I realize that fast foot is really like convenience food and probably not the most healthy option for your body. However, we all end up eating it at one point or another; either out of habit or for the quick fix for some food. But, while watching this film I couldn’t feel anything but disgusted with what I saw. In only 30 days of eating McDonald’s food 3 times a day (and only super sizing when asked) he gained roughly 20 pounds. He also consumed roughly 8 pounds of sugar. That’s just crazy!

Now, I enjoy fast food on the rare occasions that I eat it, but watching this movie made me think again about how this food can affect you. Of course, this varies for everyone. If you are really curious about how fast food is effecting America I would seriously suggest that you watch this film. It was put together very well and had little to no bias in it, in my opinion. He just shows you what it was like for a very healthy male to go out and eat McDonald’s for 90 meals straight.

Rating: (95/100)