A Problem Recitified

Yesterday I had a problem with the machine that dispenses the tickets for parking at a lot near my work. I ended up spending $10 instead of $5 because the machine wasn’t recognizing my credit card correctly. I was a little upset, but I took it all in stride.

However, today the same problem persisted. But, this time I just put cash into the machine and it worked… sorta. But, this time I decided to call the owners of the lot, Pike Place Market, and voice my concern with the automatic ticket dispenser. When I called I couldn’t get through to the parking supervisor, but I left a message.

When my call was returned he was really nice and understanding to my problem. I explained it to him and what I had done to cause the problem and in return for my double paying yesterday they are going to credit me $5 on Thursday. So, that’s pretty cool of them.

Overall, I was really happy with how the situation was handled. I wasn’t looking to get my money back, but they offered it and wanted to hear me out about what I did to cause my problem. I was a little skeptical about parking in the lot before today, but after talking to the supervisor I feel much more confident about parking in this lot.