It Almost Happened

Tonight, on my way up to Jamie’s for some Halloween eats and fun I saw an accident on the University Bridge. There was a bus (Route 66 Southbound) and a car on the southbound lanes of the bridge. The car looked to take a pretty good beating, but the bus look like nothing hit it. Judging by the way the cars were lined up behind the accident, I’d imagine that it was recent. I was just glad that I was not involved, despite the fact that I was heading northbound. However, on that bridge, you just never know.

Fast forward to my way back home from Jamie’s.

I am coming down the hill from 45th and it’s still raining and it’s dark out. I am trying to look a head to see if the right lane is closed (the one the accident was in) or if I was safe staying in my lane. As I approach the bridge I notice that there is a truck with it’s flashing lights on in the bicycle lane on the right side of the road, what I don’t see is the car stopped in my lane just to the left of them. Yes, stopped.

I have no clue why you’d stop a car on a semi busy road, right before the slippery bridge, in the darkness of night, nevertheless in the rain. But, it happened. Luckily, I was slowing down to give caution to the gentlemen in the city truck, because if I had not, I would have rear ended that car. Not like a little bit, but probably at 30-40Mph. So, thank God I was able to stop. The worst part about it is that the bridge is not well lit at all and to top it all off the car didn’t even have its break lights on! It was just sitting there in the road, presumably talking to the workers about what was going on or if something had happened!

When I almost hit the car the workers yelled something that was inaudible to my ears, but it got the attention of the car in front of me enough to have them speed off and take the next right. I don’t know if they were as scared as I was, but they sure took off like they knew they almost got hit.

Now I am home, and am writing about it and thankful that I am able to do so. Because if it wasn’t for that split second when I slammed on the breaks, this would be completely different night for me.